Ho ho hero: honest or hoax?

North Platte High schools view on the possibility of Santa Claus.


Evan Perlinger

Santa Claus during the downtown parade on November 12th.

Mac Hardy, Staff Writer

Santa Claus is the jolly old fat man that sneaks into your house to give you presents, for some people anyway. According to a poll conducted by the “North Platte Bulldogger”, 67.7% of North Platte High School students and staff do not believe in Santa Claus. 

 A group of North Platte high students have confidence that Santa Claus exists. “I believe magical things can happen,” said freshman Destinee Chambers. Sophomore Conner Songster is also a believer in Santa Claus, “He’s a pretty cool guy.” One student fears crossing Santa. “If you don’t [believe in Santa], you’ll be on the naughty list, and I never manned up to test out my theory,” said senior Tyson Caudillo. Santa Claus is not always the bearded red-suit-wearing man for some students. “Santa is what my mom calls herself on Dec. 25 before buying us gifts,” said sophomore Dawson McGahan.

Senior Caleb Knox is on the opposite side of the matter. He doesn’t believe in Santa Claus. “My mom told me he wasn’t real,” said Knox.

Evan Perlinger
Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus throwing candy to children during the parade downtown on December 12.

Knox isn’t the only one with a parent who has spoiled the magic, senior Jade Ladoucer’s mom accidentally told her. “I knew something was up,” said Ladoucer.  Some students also think that the idea of Santa is alarming. “He breaks into my house at night. We have a whole holiday about home invasion,” said Knox.  Senior Isaiah Epler doesn’t believe in Santa Claus. “What fat dude goes down a chimney, and gives you free stuff?” said Epler. “Every time Christmas comes around, I look under the tree and it always says ‘to Isaiah, from mom and dad,’ not once did it say from Santa,” said Epler.

Even though the high school has differing opinions of Santa Claus, many can agree that it’s not about whether Santa is real or not. It’s about the holiday spirit and togetherness that Christmas brings.