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Tinsel hair


Junior El Gaedke shows off their tinsel hair. “I like my tinsel hair because it matches my personality: sparkly, shiny, and I want how I want people to see me,” they said.

Lilith Haury-Kinder

Staff writer, Lilith Haury-Kinder will introduce and explain a new trend with each issue. To send in ideas for Trendz, email [email protected]

Tinsel hair aka, fairy hair or glitter hair, was started in Nuremberg in the 1600s. It was made out of strands of silver. It was later brought back to life by Tiktok with about  85 billion views. 

It can last up to 4-8 weeks or longer but sheds 50-100 strands everyday. The good news though that it does not damage your hair when applied, maintained, or removed properly.

 “Yes, I think it’s a gorgeous thing to add to your hair and it’s cute and fun to do. Especially if you do it with friends, too.” Maria Mondragon said. 

 So if you want some sparkle in your life or hair, then shine with this trend!