Is right wrong?

Survey of NPHS students show Twix favorites.

Daniel Manning, Arts & Entertainment Editor

A recent poll of students at North Platte High School revealed the favorite candy bar between Left Twix and Right Twix. 

Out of all 154 respondents, 57 said they love to eat left twix. 43 of respondents said they enjoy right twix and a surprising 54 of them didn’t really care.

This reveals very little information, but some conclusions can be drawn.

Right Twix enjoyers like the sticky caramel, the crunchy wafer that created the foundation of the Twix bar, and the delectable milk chocolate that coats the whole bar, and really brings all of the flavors together, because that combination of flavors and feelings is what always has been. 

They firmly believe the Right Twix more closely resembles the original Twix, before the two Twixes were divided. 

They don’t agree with all of the changes that happened to their favorite candy bar; they also believe that more people should enjoy the original rendition of the candy bar. 

After all, changing too much of something is not good.

Left Twix lovers on the other hand have different opinions on their favorite candy bar. They think that Twix is well overdue for some changes. 

The caramel sticks to their teeth too much, so they think it’s a bad part of the candy bar. It should be done away with, or changed to be less sticky. 

They think the milk chocolate isn’t quite flavorful enough. It should be replaced with something stronger like dark chocolate. 

Some of them even think the wafer, the foundation of the Twix itself, isn’t strong enough; it needs to be rebuilt for the newer generations of Left Twix lovers. They firmly believe that change is necessary.

It doesn’t matter; they taste the same. It’s all in your head.

— Mrs. Seifer

Then there are the people who are pressured into enjoying a type of Twix because that’s what the people around them like to eat. 

Like a young boy who really loves the caramel inside of the Twix bar, but both of his parents are hardcore Left Twix lovers. 

He would never dare to tell his parents. Or perhaps a young girl who really thinks Twix is due for a new marketing campaign. 

Though she won’t say a thing because all of her best friends think Twix candy bars should go back to the way they once were.

Finally, there are the people who remain in the middle. 

Because they know at the end of the day, regardless of the division between Left and Right Twix, the Twix bar that everyone is fighting over is the same one everyone has always enjoyed. 

If only that were true.