Mary Poppins


The cast for Mary Poppins grouped together while singing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Hunter Hothan, Design Editor

North Platte High School students performed the musical Mary Poppins on the 17, 18 and 19 of March. “I feel like it works super well.”

“This was a really fun show and we had a lot of talent and a lot of committed people,” senior Breanna Lundgreen said.

In the play, Mary Poppins, played by senior Carly Purdy, performs many magical acts. These include pulling a coat rack out of a purse, flying, and making a kite fly on its own, all of which proved to be tough challenges.

Luckily, the group came up with creative ways to make all this “magic” seem realistic. Leah Purdy, the theater director, commented, “It’s extremely technical and the kids dug into all of those technical aspects with joy.”

Other challenges were presented through the roles in the play themselves.

The play was three hours long, and all the characters had to speak with a British accent.

“Josh and Carly studied British accents quite a bit, and really worked on things like the body posture of their character as well as lots of dancing,” Purdy said.

Though this posed a challenge for many, Lundgreen enjoyed her role as Mrs. Banks.

“She’s such a special character,” Lundgreen said. “She had so much depth which made her very interesting to play.”

An important lesson in Mary Poppins is how important family is, and that is something Lundgreen’s character shows through the play.

“I think the show really stressed the importance of having a family and people that you’re close to,” Lundgreen said.

“That was kind of the whole thing Mrs. Banks was fighting for, so that they could be a family again, and they wouldn’t have to rely on people as much.”