The Bulldogger

The last angel on the angel tree at the Platte River mall.

Be an angel

North Platte supports others in the season of giving
Chloe Walchesky, Social Media Editor December 17, 2020

Christmas trees decorated with white wish list angle-tags at the entrance of local stores like Bomgaars and The Mall have become part of North Platte’s holiday traditions. Organizations like The Salvation...

At Christmas times, we are asked to believe in some crazy things, but I refuse to believe that Hallmark movie plots are good.

My Hatred for Hallmark

Joe Stone, Staff Writer December 8, 2020

I genuinely hate Hallmark Christmas movies. There are dozens of reasons why these movies are awful in my opinion. To prove my point, I recently watched Hallmark's movie “Christmas in Love.”  No surprise,...

Black Friday COVID Edition

Black Friday COVID Edition

Abbe McCoy, Staff Writer November 20, 2020

Black Friday is a day to save money and get cheaper gifts for the following holidays while everything is on sale. Having cheaper prices nation-wide brings far more people into stores, stampeding closely...

Santa Claus during the downtown parade on November 12th.

Ho ho hero: honest or hoax?

North Platte High schools view on the possibility of Santa Claus.
Mac Hardy, Staff Writer December 19, 2019

Santa Claus is the jolly old fat man that sneaks into your house to give you presents, for some people anyway. According to a poll conducted by the “North Platte Bulldogger”, 67.7% of North Platte...

Humanity is Ho Ho Hopeless

Jakob Fisher, Editorial Cartoonist December 19, 2019

NPHS librarians set up decorations. They had up too four trees in the library. There were also elves hidden in the books.

Christmas Traditions

North Platte High plans the holidays.
Emmalynn Berry, Staff Writer December 19, 2019

As Christmas is quickly approaching, North Platte High students and staff prepare for the holidays.  Freshman Bryley Smith says her family always decorates a lot for Christmas. “My family’s actually...

Read the festive review of holiday songs that will leave you questioning why anyone says Happy Holidays.

Tis’ the Season

Jakob Fisher, Editorial Cartoonist December 19, 2019

November is long over, and it is now socially acceptable to blast your favorite Christmas tunes. Now let me put my two cents in. As with any season, there is no shortage of puzzling classics. It was...

Santa interview

Nathenial Crow , Arts & Entertainment Editor December 20, 2018

Trying to get a hold of Santa? Here is how! What do you think about all of the apps that people can use to get a hold of you? I think it would be better if they came and talk to me   What...

Obsessed or Overrated

Sophia Walsh, Editor in Chief December 20, 2018

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer standing next to the mascot of Studio Ghibli, Totoro. The picture is a reference to the most famous scene from “My Neighbor Totoro.”

A Special Kind of Special

How a little Christmas magic created a miracle in Japan
Jakob Fisher, Editorial Cartoonist December 20, 2018

I suppose it all started with the shows, a very special type of show, shows to make the happy, happier, and the giddy giddier. For when the first show is a Christmas show, well, something magical is bound...

Puzzled Presents

What to get your S.O. at different stages in your relationship
Anam Vaziri, Editor-in-Chief December 20, 2018

If you're still in the talking phase... Sophomore Caedmon Hoaglund: What do you think is the appropriate spending amount? "$50." What did you get her? "A coffee mug, socks, and a sweater." Sophomore...

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