The Bulldogger

Santa Claus during the downtown parade on November 12th.

Ho ho hero: honest or hoax?

North Platte High schools view on the possibility of Santa Claus.
Mac Hardy, Staff Writer December 19, 2019

Santa Claus is the jolly old fat man that sneaks into your house to give you presents, for some people anyway. According to a poll conducted by the “North Platte Bulldogger”, 67.7% of North Platte...

Humanity is Ho Ho Hopeless

Jakob Fisher, Editorial Cartoonist December 19, 2019

Holiday Throw Down

Jakob Fisher, Editorial Cartoonist November 22, 2019

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer standing next to the mascot of Studio Ghibli, Totoro. The picture is a reference to the most famous scene from “My Neighbor Totoro.”

A Special Kind of Special

How a little Christmas magic created a miracle in Japan
Jakob Fisher, Editorial Cartoonist December 20, 2018

I suppose it all started with the shows, a very special type of show, shows to make the happy, happier, and the giddy giddier. For when the first show is a Christmas show, well, something magical is bound...

Happy Holidays from around the world!

Ainsley Nichols, Managing Editor December 2, 2016

Christmas is the annual celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s believed that about 2000 years ago, God sent an angel to a woman named Mary. The angel told Mary she would become pregnant with...

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