Hidden Classes

A list of classes that NPHS students might not have known that their school offered.


Emmalynn Berry

North Platte High School has approved multiple new classes for the 2020-2021 school year. They offer around 150 classes. Some classes are available at different times.

Emmalynn Berry, Staff Writer

Art teacher Joy Peterson.

Art Teacher Joy Peterson is teaching these three new classes next year; Art History I, Art History II, and Textiles.

Art teacher Bailey Florom

Printmaking is being combined into a Multimedia art class being taught by art teacher Bailey Florom. “You do not have to have a certain skill set to succeed in this class, you’ll be given multiple opportunities to express yourself in various ways,” Florom said.

Both of the NPHS art teachers would like students to know that they don’t need to be artistically gifted or have prior skills to take art, as long as they want to learn and create.

Accounting has and is being taught by business teacher Gwen Packard. Accounting is a semester long class.

Speech and Theater teacher, Brittany McDaniel.

Speech and theater teacher, Brittany McDaniel is teaching Public Speaking. One of the classes that are required to take before this class is Basic Communications.

Culinary Arts and Food Service Management is taught by Family Consumer Sciences teacher

FCS teacher Patricia Saner.

Patricia Saner. These classes are taught every other year.

Family Consumer Sciences teacher Veronica Kulp is adding classes; Best Practices in Education and Training, Early Childhood Practicum, and Families in Crisis to her class list.

The new education class, Early Childhood Education is taught by Family Consumer Sciences teacher Elizabeth Odle.

Family Consumer Sciences teacher Traci Foster is teaching a class called Entrepreneurship. This class will teach students the business side of FCS.

Social Studies teacher Casey Werkmiester.

American Pop Culture is a new Social Studies class that got approved for next year. It will be taught by Social Studies teacher Casey Werkmiester. “By Pop Culture standards I would really like it to be more student lead than teacher lead,” Werkmiester said.

Another new Social Studies class that got approved to be taught next year is, Ancient

Social Studies teacher Jeremy Stevens.

Civilizations. This class will be taught by Social Studies teacher Josh Bruck.

Social Studies teacher Jeremy Stevens teaches many classes that are available for students to take. One of them is International Relations.

For more inforamtion about classes listed above or any other classes available, go check out the North Platte Public Schools website to access the 2020-2021 class description handbook.