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Clay Stone’s last 6th Place Worthy Headline

Clay Stone’s last 6th Place Worthy Headline
April 8, 2020

Within an hour of my first day of public school, I wanted to leave. I knew no one, I felt like I didn’t belong, I sat at a lunch table by myself for the first week, and to top off the whole thing there...

Hidden Classes

North Platte High School has approved multiple new classes for the 2020-2021 school year. They offer around 150 classes. Some classes are available at different times.
A list of classes that NPHS students might not have known that their school offered.
February 28, 2020

Art Teacher Joy Peterson is teaching these three new classes next year; Art History I, Art History II, and Textiles. Printmaking is being combined into a Multimedia art class being taught by...

Four Friends Fiasco: The Budding Bromance Begins

A post from Josh Bruck last year, that all of the other three teachers insisted I should put in.
March 29, 2019

Several recent studies and polls have shown that 85 percent of people hate their jobs. Sometimes it’s because of the pay, but it could also be because of the long hours. Worst of all, it could be because...

Is it Time for Bulldog Time?

Is it Time for Bulldog Time?
September 28, 2018

We are just over a month into our new school year, and experiencing a large number of changes, but maybe the biggest change among them is the 30-minute period shared by every student in the school. This...

Doppelgänger Dawgs

Doppelgänger Dawgs
September 15, 2017

Flash back to the past

Flash back to the past
Teacher prom strories
March 29, 2017

December’s Teacher of the Month

December 2, 2016

Josh Bruck What do you want for Christmas? A hippopotamus, I like the song. Favorite Christmas and why? When my little girls started to figure out what Christmas is about and looking forward to presents...

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