Christmas Traditions

North Platte High plans the holidays.


Emmalynn Berry

NPHS’ librarians set up decorations. They had up too four trees in the library. There were also elves hidden in the books.

Emmalynn Berry, Staff Writer

As Christmas is quickly approaching, North Platte High students and staff prepare for the holidays. 

Freshman Bryley Smith says her family always decorates a lot for Christmas. “My family’s actually really big on decorating. We put up all the christmas lights and like five trees,” she said. Smith’s favorite part of the holidays is seeing her family. “I don’t get to see them often,” she said. 

Sophomore Brookelyn Griffiths said her favorite part is her grandma’s cooking. “I love the food. My grandma makes really good food,” she said. Her family usually has pumpkin pie for the holidays.

Emmalynn Berry
North Platte High School starts decorating for the holidays. “We put up a tree, we put up lights, we put up kinda just anything and everything,” Griffiths said, “We’re very festive.”

Junior Samantha Bowers doesn’t do much over Christmas. “We just set up a tree at our house and decorate the tree. Then we might put some stickers up on the windows or something. We don’t necessarily celebrate a lot,” Bowers said. She mainly just enjoys spending time with her family.

Senior Kainin Wilson has a unique family tradition he takes a part of. “…we hunt for about three days in a row before Christmas, and we take all that food we [hunt], and we cook it up for dinner,” he said. He is also looking forward to something else. “I am most excited to see my family for the last Christmas before college,” Wilson said.  

English teacher Terry Sodawasser is excited to have extra time. “We get together with family, with my daughter and her family, usually my son will travel back from Omaha, and my wife’s parents live here in town, so we celebrate with them,” Sodawasser said. He is excited for a break and to start a new semester.

Plans aren’t just being made for Christmas, some are also planning what they eat for New Year’s. “We usually have prime rib or steak of some sort. We do it between Christmas and New Year and my son loves turkey so we try to do that as well,” Sodawasser said.

When family comes together for the holidays, one of their traditions might be to have a big meal. Included in that holiday dinner is usually one food they have every year. “We usually have prime rib or steak of some sort, Sodawasser said. It is different for every family. “Deviled eggs, definitely. That is something we make every year,” Smith said.

Christmas is a widely celebrated holiday with a different set of traditions in every household. Each family does have one in common, they each celebrate together with friends and family.