The tassel was worth the hassle


From the time the last bell rang my junior year, people have told me, “Senior year is the best year of your high school career.” Yeah right, adults and graduates from last year. If any year of my high school career has been the best, it would have been my sophomore year. (Thanks Mr. Bruck!) In all seriousness though, high school has been pretty okay, I’ve met lots of awesome people and some not-so-good ones, too. I’ve had great teachers who have shaped me into the sleepy, more successful, mess that I am. I’ve also learned lots of lessons from North Platte High School as well. So now comes the time for some last words of wisdom for the rest of the students here at NPHS, a sappy goodbye that will probably make my mom cry, and one last comic strip. So be prepared.

1. Be mindful of who you hang out with. As my youth pastor once said, “choose your community or your community will choose you”
2. “Choose people who make you want to be a better person.” Thanks mama!
3. Don’t try to please everyone, because in all reality, sometimes you just won’t vibe with someone and that is totally fine!
4. Take mental health days! Sometimes all you need is a day to watch your favorite movie and then to take a nap halfway through.
5. It’s okay to not be okay! You don’t have to try to be perfect, because each and every one of you are amazing just the way you are.

Last piece of advice, for the kid with the headphones in, just trying to make it through the day. You’re doing great! Life sucks, but, just keep your head held high, you can do this! Hang in there kiddo, from the girl with her headphones in, who’s graduating.

To my mom and dad. First off, I love you! I wanna thank you for helping to make me the dork I am. For a whole 18 years you have dealt with my crazy ideas and the sad fact that I can’t say no to anyone, especially when it comes to art projects, whoops. Without you two I probably would have dropped out, but we all know that that was never an option in the first place. Through my depressed days, emo phase, and paper delays, you were both always there holding my hand and counting down the days with me.

And now that we’re here, it’s time to say goodbye. Mom, by now you’re probably crying, but I’m gonna tell you what you always told me, “you’ll be fine.” Four hours is a better than Minnesota. Or even a flight to Rhode Island School of Design. They wouldn’t be able to handle me anyway.
To my little sister. No you can’t have my room, no you’re not an only child now, yes I love you! Even though we may not see eye to eye, metaphorically speaking, I’m truly gonna miss you so much. Sorry I won’t be here to help you with high school, but I know you will take this place by storm with your quiet and gentle nature. Please don’t ever get louder, unless it’s with your drumming. Just kidding, please don’t hit me. I always want you to remember I am only one phone call away, or Mario Kart battle, whichever you need. Oh, and please don’t rebel or anything while I’m gone, cause I won’t be there to help you do it. Love you little Freddie!

To my best friend. What happened to us?! One day we were just two random kids in supervised study, and now we are about ready to adult! From the moment I decided you were gonna be my friend, to now, I’m so grateful to have had you by my side. From the relationship issues and advice, the pep talks in our cars after school, the laughs, and the sending of crying GIFs while I write this, high school wouldn’t have been as good without you. You da best Michael! It’s the final countdown bud.

To the teachers who had me as a student. You have all impacted my life in such a great way! Miss Petersen, thank you for investing in me as an art student and helping me to better my art skills. Mr. Bruck, thank you for being the best world history teacher ever. You are so supportive of me and all of the other students who step foot in your room! Mr. Petersen, thank you for pushing me with my graphic design skills and for helping me to realize my love for graphic art as well as fine art. I’m happy to say that

I will be attending the Creative Center of Art and Design next fall. Mrs. Boyer, thank you for being such a friendly face at the high school and a great NHS adviser! Ms. Larson, thank you for believing in me, pushing me, and giving me another outlet to express my artist abilities.
To my family at Bethel. What am I gonna do without ya’ll at college? I am gonna miss each and everyone of you! You are all so near and dear to my heart and I hold you blessing from me close to my heart. Please don’t ever forget about me!!!!

Lastly and most importantly, my wonderful, merciful God. There is not enough that I could say to the God of the universe that could ever be worthy of his praise! You deserve so much more than I can give, but I give you all of my thanks. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, “give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Through everything you have watched over me and kept your promises. I am excited to see where you will take me as your disciple! I’m sorry for the times I wasn’t searching for you, but I am grateful that you always pursue me, even in my darkest times. I love you and pray you will continue to watch over my family, friends, NPHS, and me as we move forward in the coming years. Amen.