Voice, mental safety at the heart of student journalism

The Bulldogger Editorial

Here at the North Platte High School Bulldogger, we believe that everyone deserves a voice, and journalism gives those people a place for that voice. 

Journalism is so important to our school and our students. School would be just plain boring without it! From heartwarming, to fun and entertaining stories, what would we do without it?

Student journalism has the power to make a difference in our everyday lives.”

With the newspaper, you get an inside look of the stories that shaped the people around you and of the clubs that many wouldn’t know much about if we weren’t here to show you.

The Bulldogger has been in print at NPHS for about 115 years. During this time, we have talked about many things, some we’d love to highlight. “Landing a Dream” was about David Sack who became a licensed pilot. “Around the world” was about Yeana Moon, who is 6,671 miles away from her home. “Yes, you can approach me” about Jayden Fowler, who got third degree burns on 17% of his body. 

These are beautiful stories that we would never get to hear otherwise. The power of acceptance is powerful and important. We as a school would not be who we are today without it. Student journalism has the power to make a difference in our everyday lives. Student journalism should be in every school. Without student journalism, you probably would’ve never heard these stories.