Softley’s Story

Business teacher Curt Softley is the new girls basketball coach

Josie Koubek, Online Editor

New teacher Curt Softley has uprooted and moved to North Platte to coach the girls high school basketball team.

“New is always tough. They [girls basketball team] don’t know yet what exactly I expect from them. They don’t know the offense. They don’t know the defense. We are going to have a lot to learn and fast,” said Softley.

The best quality Softley looks for in players has to do with their attitude. “I want them to understand they have the control for their attitude and their effort. No one else controls them. They control themselves,” he said.

Softley wasn’t always aware he wanted to be a coach. As a freshman in college, he wanted to be either an athletic trainer or work in sports marketing. During his sophomore year of college, he changed his mind. “I decided to change my major for a couple reasons. I grew up in small-town, Grant, Nebraska. I love small towns, and I wanted to get back,” said Softley.

During his time in Grant he was heavily involved in athletics. “I did everything I could: football, basketball, track, soccer, and baseball during the summers,” said Softley.

The town Softly grew up in was a basketball community. “I had a very good high school basketball coach. Larry Pritchett, he is a legend in Grant. He made basketball fun,” said Softley.

Basketball didn’t come easy for Softley though. “l had to work for it and I enjoyed that,” said Softley. Along with sports, Softley was a very active member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes in high school. “I realized how impactful coaches and teachers are for kids,” said Softley.

Softley is excited for the season to begin. “I enjoy a challenge. I saw that they [girls basketball team] struggled, record wise, last year. I took that as a kind of challenge,” said Softley.