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Strike-ing opportunity

Aaron Franz walks away after his turn in the Unified Bowling meet in Gerring
What Unified Bowling is all about and why people do it.
November 22, 2019

  You walk into the bowling alley and you see about 45 high school students bowling, coaching, and cheering on each other on. This is Unified Bowling.  As described by the North Platte Public...


Pictured above is School Resource Officer Johnson's police car in front of NPHS.
A closer look into NPHS students' use of drugs and alcohol
September 27, 2019

37 and 48. That is how many  minor in possession (MIP) arrests have been recorded in North Platte High School students in 2016 versus 2019. There are multiple theories about why these numbers are getting...

Ripping the record

Ripping the record
The man behind the name on the wall
February 22, 2019

His name is one of the many we pass on our way to the locker room: Jareb Liewer. 11-dives. 419 points. Year: 2000. Knocking his name off of that board was my goal this year; a feat I accomplished...

New coach, who dis?

New coach, who dis?
Girl tennis team gets an old face as a new coach
March 23, 2018

This year, the Lady Dawgs tennis team will be adjusting to a new head coach, Dale Hall. While North Platte High School athletes will be practicing hard and getting used to new coaches, there is high hopes...

Softley’s Story

Business teacher Curt Softley is the new girls basketball coach
November 17, 2017

New teacher Curt Softley has uprooted and moved to North Platte to coach the girls high school basketball team. “New is always tough. They [girls basketball team] don’t know yet what exactly I expect...

Moto X madness

Moto X madness
April 7, 2017

  To some, motocross is a dangerous, back-breaking sport. Injuries often come to athletes, but injuries riding dirt bikes happen too often. To a few North Platte High School students, motocross...

Shattering Standards

North Platte's Braiden Ruffin wrestles against Braden Trimble of Millard South in his championship match on February 18, 2017.
March 1, 2017

Braiden Ruffin, champion again. After finishing his junior season with just two losses, the North Platte junior topped the podium at the CenturyLink Center. As one of five NPHS wrestlers at this year’s...

Kate the Great

Kate the Great
December 2, 2016

Run, shoot, score, rebound, defend, pass, run the other way, repeat. This is the approaching reality for the Lady Dawgs basketball team this season. With only twelve girls out for the sport this year,...

Dive into the action

Senior Quentone Larson. practicing his dives for an upcoming competition.
December 2, 2016

Swim and dive season has just begun. Divers are elegantly gliding through the air and swimmers tearing up the water. A new season brings its challenges as usual, but this year a bigger change will take...

On the climb to cut some time

On the climb to cut some time
October 7, 2016

In every sport there is that one breakthrough player who comes out of nowhere and surprises everyone. It’s not very often that a freshman is already at the top of the team. This year, freshman Joel Bradley...

Dynamic Duals

North Platte's top two golfers looking fashionable before the meet on September 22.
October 7, 2016

Senior Morgan Lashley and sophomore Riley Smith are so in sync they they can read each other's minds. “I like golf tourneys like I like my eggs; scrambled,” the girls said in unison. Lashley and Smith...

On the Burge of greatness

Senior Derrick Burge zeroes in on an incoming ball, preparing for a good hit
September 16, 2016

Name: Derrick Burge Grade: Senior Age: 18 Height: 6’3” Hair Color: Blonde Relationship Status: Single Biggest Challenge: My serves and staying in the game mentally. Sometimes it’s easy to...

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