On the Burge of greatness


Thomas Hoatson

Senior Derrick Burge zeroes in on an incoming ball, preparing for a good hit

Name: Derrick Burge
Grade: Senior
Age: 18
Height: 6’3”
Hair Color: Blonde
Relationship Status: Single

Biggest Challenge: My serves and staying in the game mentally. Sometimes it’s easy to get frustrated, but you gotta get past that and just have fun.
Biggest Success: When Branton [Flanders] and I got a second-place medal last season
Biggest hope for the season: To win my first match at State and make it to the second round at State
What motivates you: My friends. I always push to beat them; they’re good competition.
How long have you played: Since sophomore year
What’s on your playlist: I listen to my brother’s playlist on Spotify. I get pretty pumped up to the song “We Will Rock You”
Fact about you that people don’t know: I’m an identical twin. Most people don’t know that because my brother moved.
Favorite Athlete: Aaron Rodgers because I like watching the Green Bay Packers a lot
Spirit Animal: A wolf. Wolves have been my favorite animal for as long as I can remember.
Guilty pleasure: I play video games a lot; Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty mostly
What do you do on the bus: We always joke around and mess with the underclassmen; it’s a good time
Favorite coach and why: Coach Lehmer, because he not only teaches us about tennis but also life and how to be a better person in general
Favorite player on the team and why: Austin [Snyder], Branton [Flanders], and Joe [Roessler] joke around enough to make tennis fun. I always have a good time when I’m around them
Pre-meet ritual: If we’re at a motel eating breakfast, Branton and I have a banana