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Run, shoot, score, rebound, defend, pass, run the other way, repeat. This is the approaching reality for the Lady Dawgs basketball team this season. With only twelve girls out for the sport this year, there will be an expectation of full focus, full effort, and full positivity through the toughest conditions. Junior Katy Hansen, a seasoned varsity player, will be predicted to fill important roles this season on and off the court. “Leading by example is the biggest thing I can do. I need to show up to practice every day and show the younger players how hard work pays off,” she said.

Hansen’s experience with basketball began when she was about two years old due to her grandfather’s passion for the game which he shared with her. She began playing league in the 3rd grade and started playing on a traveling team in 5th grade. Her traveling experiences solidified the love of the game in her. “It’s something I’ve always looked forward to doing with my friends. It has an intensity that not a lot of other sports have and I thrive on the competition,” Hansen said.

Hansen said this season will be “tough” due to low numbers. Out of the 12 girls composing the team, only five have any previous Varsity experience. Hansen maintains her motivation by remembering her own personal love of the game and being a positive teammate to the other girls. “I want younger players to feel like they can approach and talk to me if they’re struggling,” she said. One of the biggest goals she has for the team is daily improvement. “I want us to get better every single day and peak at the end of the season. Another accomplishment would be to have everyone stick it out all the way through the season,” she said. Hansen says her teammates are already on track with maintaining an attitude of positivity and hard work. “The girls who are going out really try their hardest all the time and keep it fun, even though they know it may not be the best season in the world,” she said.

Hansen is specifically proud of her junior teammate Kyilee Elsten.

Junior Katy Hansen with her game face on
Will Stone
Junior Katy Hansen with her game face on

“Kyilee is one of the only other players with true Varsity experience and she’s working to better her skills to really benefit the team,” she said. One fear Hansen has is the team losing passion due to the tough odds of the season. “We really need to stick together,” she said. Regardless of the numbers and lack of experience, Hansen plans to fight through the challenges and succeed as an individual and with her team. ”I have to help keep the mood light by keeping the sense of team pride and love of the game,” Hansen said. “It’s always fun to play a game that you love and have a fresh start knowing there’s a whole season in front of you.”