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Job internships at North Platte High


Adam Reed

Senior Taylor Lundgreen interns for the University of Nebraska Extension Office. He also says that he would do another internship, if he had time. “It’s a lot of fun; I was out at the research station, and I learned a lot more than I thought I would.” said Lundgreen.

Jonathan Dekleva, Editor-In-Chief

It’s near the end of the school day, and a student steps out of North Platte High. They’re going to a job internship. Four years ago, when this program started, there were only two interns involved in this program, and two businesses.

The program has grown significantly, and now many locations are available for students. “There are between 60 and 65 places right now,” said career coach Adam Reed.

Senior Brooke Schanou says that internships can help students find careers. “It can get them into what they are more into,” said Schanou. She had done an internship at the Foot and Ankle clinic.

Reed says that these internships are good indicators. “If they do not like the career, they found out early,” he said. Internships have influenced some students’ plans for later in life.

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It showed me what I want to do in the future,

— Brooke Schanou

Senior Joel Bradley also did one of these job internships. “I was with the North Platte Police Department, [. . .] I was at the CID [Criminal Investigation Division], patrol, evidence, I’ve done quite a few jobs,” said Bradley. 

According to Reed, these internships also give real-life experiences to the interns. “While they are studying, it gives them confidence that they’re going into something they will really enjoy.” he said.

Many students are also involved in these internships. “At any given time, there’s between 30 and 45 students each quarter,” Reed stated.

The students also seem to be enjoying this. “I’ve heard glowing reviews from the students.” Reed said.

Adam Reed
Ashly Diaz-Pacheco interning at Adams Middle School for Marie Brosius.