NPHS offers breakfast after Bulldog Time


Mia Dugan

NPHS students take advantage of the second breakfast offered after Bulldog Time. Registered dietitian Tara Call said that eating breakfast is crucial for students to have energy and stay concentrated.

Mia Dugan, Staff Writer

Studies show that when you eat breakfast, you have more energy and are consistently focused. This is what Principal Scott Siegel hopes to accomplish. According to Siegel, there are currently 297 people who eat breakfast at North Platte High School daily. But, there are also multiple NPHS students who do not have time in the mornings to eat and get to class on time. This semester, NPHS has implemented a “Second Breakfast” where students have another opportunity to get breakfast after Bulldog time. 

Mia Dugan
These are the breakfast options offered in the mornings.

Great Plains Health registered dietitian Tara Call said your brain needs a jump start after you wake up. She said eating a meal in the morning not only gives you more brain power, but it can also prevent you from overeating as well. According to Call, eating breakfast allows a person to get the nutrients they need in order to correctly balance their daily food proportions. “When lunchtime rolls around, they won’t binge eat because they have been starving themselves all morning,” she said. Call proved that eating breakfast is crucial for everyone, especially teenagers. 

Sophomore Sedina Hayes grabbed her morning meal twice in the first week. “ I am always late in the mornings, so I now have a chance to eat,” she said.  

I am very fond of this opportunity because now a lot more of my kids can be fed.

— Missy Hoatson

A common question asked when this was first coming into action was, “will this make students late to first period?” Social studies teacher Missy Hoatson said that it doesn’t affect her first period students. “I am very fond of this opportunity because now a lot more of my kids can be fed.” Said Hoatson. Although Hoatson is all for it, she also said she wished the breakfast options were healthy.

Call said, “You would not go without eating for eight hours in the day time, so why would you skip your first meal?”