Taking the Podium Historically

NPHS band makes history in Lincoln, NE


Sofia Walsh

The North Platte High School marching band made history by winning their first superior in Lincoln in NPHS history, Oct. 19, 2019.

Anissa Hoffman, Staff Writer

On Oct. 19th, 2019 the North Platte High School Marching Band put a new record in the books by getting a superior at the Marching Band Field Competition in Lincoln for the first time ever in NPHS history. 

Drum Major Sarah Phares says, “It was unbelievable. I froze, and as a drum major, you have to stand there and be all serious, but then my brother came and hugged me, then at that point it finally clicked.”

Director Brett Bradley said, “It was nice to get, but I don’t think we deserved it. I guess my expectations have gotten higher for this band and they just didn’t meet my expectations, but I think we did do as good as some of the other bands that received a superior.”