Click it or ticket

Q&A with young drivers


Beckett Allen

Unfortunately, most students and teachers will have to deal with the parking lot on a daily basis.

Beckett Allen, Staff Writer

Whether you’re driving or not, you either are or will be involved with interacting with other drivers, maintaining your car, and finding yourself in different situations. Here’s an inside look of some of your fellow NPHS drivers.


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Will Winchester, Driver’s Education Teacher

Q. What’s the most important thing new drivers should know?

A. Driver’s ed instructor Will Winchester: The most important thing to understand is to get help if you’re in a situation you’re not familiar with. For example, if you’re driving in a larger city, you probably want to be driving with an experienced driver.





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Q. Are you a good driver?

A. Sophomore Breah Matuszczak: I think I’m a good driver just because I’m aware of what’s going on around me at all times.



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Q. Is your car clean?

A. Junior Miah Rhoades: Yes, because my dad always tells me to clean it.


Q. Tell me about your worst ticket.

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A. Senior Carter Lukas: I [was] drifting around in the Cody Pool parking lot. As I was going to leave; I got pulled over for it. $150 [fine].



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Q. Describe an accident you were in.

A. Junior Raymen Riley: Me and Mason Tilford were driving down by the lake. I was driving; we both had our seat belts on. This car kept coming in my lane, and I had to swerve out on the dirt to the side. It was fine, I got back on the road, and I overcorrected and rolled one time into the ditch. We came out with no scars at all.