History in the making: Backyard Barbecue


Bryce Lee

Senior Dalton Prokop serves his fellow classmate Cameron Sheets for his newly founded family business.

The North Platte Public Schools Foundation (NPPSF) held the 9th annual Backyard Barbecue prior to the North Platte Bulldogs football game against Omaha Central. Around 20 tents were set up in the NPHS parking lot donating their food to the cause.

Senior Dalton Prokop helped his family’s food truck, Prokops’ Smokin’ BBQ, prepare and serve food. “We’ve had it [the food truck] since may. My dad lost his job and we decided to open it,” he said. Prokop worked there all summer Wednesday through Saturday in the mall parking lot. “Everything is going really well. We have our regulars that come in at least once a week, and we know their orders by heart,” he said.

All of the money earned goes to the NPPSF. The NPPSF supports student projects, teacher projects, grants (to provide teacher funds for their classrooms), and the prepared to learn fund.  It was five dollars for students to enter, and 10 for adults.

This year the class of 92′ cooked an entire roasted pig and earned themselves the fan favorite award. 92′ graduate Joe Staroska said,”It’s a neat way for us to support the community and be a part of the school system that helped us get to where we are in life.” Staroska hopes to see more classes get together and come support the Backyard Barbecue.



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Contest winners:

Pork- Two Butz

Beef- Allo Communications

Other- Bethel Church/ Youth Minister

Dessert- Westfield Shopping Center

Fan Favorite- Class of 92′