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Bryce Lee

Bryce Lee (‘18)

Co-Editor in chief

What's up North Platte High. It's your co-editor in chief Bryce Lee. You have probably heard me yelling during the announcements. I've been here with the J-squad since my freshman year and I absolutely love it. If you don't know anything about me just come and ask me at room 1401.

Favorite Memory

My favorite memory of being a member of the Bulldogger is getting to hang out with all the amazing people on my staff. I've made more friends by coming to this classroom than any other place. The road trips to state and conventions really leave a deep imprint in my heart.

Do you miss kid stuff like hunting Easter eggs?

Absolutely! I catch myself enjoying children movies more than anything. If I could I would be a 5th grader forever.

Future Plans

I plan to attend Miluakee's Institute of Art and Design and major in industrial design. As a kid, I would always get caught up taking something apart, especially radios, and putting it back together simply just to figure out how it works. Usually, I would end up breaking whatever it was that I decided to tear apart.


2017: NSAA State Awards:
3rd place: News Photography
4th place: In-Depth Coverage
Nebraska High School Press Association:
2017 Cornhusker Award
-highest award for journalistic excellence
2016 Award for Distinction
-award for Bulldogger website
Academic Awards:
4.0 Honor Student
Academic Letterman
Academic All-State Athlete


Anyone is welcome. If you are interested in becoming a J-squader get a hold of me at [email protected]

Bryce Lee, Co-Editor in Chief

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