Admin kiss pig for charity

Daniel Manning, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The North Platte High School Student Council hosts a Canned Food Drive every year: a tradition that brings in tens of thousands of food items for food banks throughout the North Platte and Lincoln County areas.

This food then goes on to get donated to friends, family and fellow humans in need. This charity event helps meet the needs for hundreds if not thousands of Nebraskans in need of assistance; and helps sate their hunger.

It’s especially important to round off a year that was as bad for American welfare and the economy as 2022 was.

The event ran for two weeks, from Monday, October 3 to Friday, Nov. 11 at the end of the school day.

But something was different this year. Students had a special incentive to meet the canned food drive goal. If each class was to meet their goals, the administrator representative for their class; Cory Spotanski for the seniors, John Byrn for the juniors, Jimmie Rhodes (substituted by Kevin Mills) for the sophomores, and Jami Allen for the freshman, would kiss a pig.

Each class met their goals, which meant that each administrator had to do their kissing.

At the pep rally scheduled for December 20, after some other festivities and an ugly sweater contest, administrators got down to business.

All four admin got down on all fours and attempted to give that swine a peck on the lips.