Key Club donates to local classrooms

Hunter Hothan, Design Editor

The NPHS Key Klub Kids were busy during the holiday break this year. Their Angel Tree project was a success during Christmas break.

This project is a fairly new one, meant to help out teachers in need.

“Our advisors, they talk to different schools, mostly elementary schools around in the district,” Key Club member Bryley Smith said, “and they ask teachers what they are wanting for their classrooms or things they were needing like pencils, markers, just that kind of stuff.”

After Key Club received the different schools’ wish list, they started making the tree.

“We were getting little bulbs and putting what they wanted on a piece of paper and putting it on a tree,” Smith said.

On December 21, Jefferson and Lake Schools had gifts delivered to them.

Key Club does not only do projects like these during the holidays, however.

“So our biggest project is going to Cody Park and doing the concessions and helping out with all the stuff around there,” Smith said “Everybody loves doing it. It’s always a good time.”

Key Club does more projects that help out the community, and in return people from the community want to help them.

“We have many people reach out to us and they want to help and they want to make a difference in our world today,” Smith said. “I feel like that’s more or less kind of what this is about is helping make a difference. And those people see it and so when they come and join, they really give us the help that we do need.”

If students would like to join Key Club, speak to Mrs. Hasenauer or Mrs. Kearney to help work on projects such as the Angel Tree.