Sophomore QB a strong leader for Bulldogs


Tanis Buker

Sophomore quarterback Caden Joneson is shown at the Omaha Westside game on Sept. 30.

Natalie Deardoff, Sports Editor

This year, Bulldog football has a new quarterback leading their team. 

Caden Joneson is the new, sophomore quarterback that has been leading his Bulldog team against one team after another. 

Such young quarterbacks are rare to see, as the quarterback is often the team leader, and helps choose the plays.
Much of the game’s outcome relies on the quarterback’s abilities to stay focused despite the pressure, and getting the ball to the receivers that can make big plays. 

Young quarterbacks are uncommon because they often lack the experience needed to play this position. “It’s pretty rare for a sophomore to start as a quarterback, however, Caden does a great job,” Head coach Kurt Altig said. “Our older players welcomed him and he started to fit right in with our other older leaders.”

Because of Joneson’s skill, the team always trusts that he’ll make big plays no matter the pressure. “He always keeps his head in the game. He doesn’t let adversity get to him,” wide receiver Carson LaChapelle said. “He isn’t in it for himself, he’s in it for the game.”

“Sometimes when you’re a young guy, you try to win it yourself, and you put all that pressure on yourself, and he’s not doing that,” activities director Jimmie Rhodes said. 

Joneson led his team to victory against Omaha Westside to secure the biggest win Bulldog football has seen in the past 20 years. “He just does what the coaches asked him to do. He makes great reads and he gets the ball to the guys that need to have it.” Rhodes said.

With the fantastic protection from his offensive line, the young quarterback has been able to find the guys who need the ball, and get it to them quickly and successfully. “He’s using the weapons that are around him,” Rhodes said, “He has some dudes around him that are willing to go the extra mile for him.”

Despite Joneson’s young age, the football team supports him 100% as their starting quarterback. “Nobody on this team cares that he is a sophomore. He plays his best, and that’s what matters.” LaChapelle said.

Compared to the records from previous years, Joneson is already leading his team to a better state status so early in the season. “For him to be a young guy, it’s awesome to see what he is doing.” Rhodes said.