Meet the J-Squad

Natalie Deardoff and Hunter Hothan

Every year, The Bulldogger staff changes. This year, we’re going to introduce a new staff member with each issue.

During issue No. 3, we’re going to announce our last two seniors, Natalie Deardoff and Hunter Hothan.

Nebraska Portraits
Nebraska Portraits

Sports Editor Natalie Deardoff has been a part of The Bulldogger for three years. 

Deardoff is a a valuable asset to The Bulldogger, bringing her amazing writing skills to each edition.

“You just learn about a lot of stuff” in journalism, Deardoff said. “I’m also friends with a lot of people here I wouldn’t normally hang out with.”

Hothan is the Managing Editor for The Bulldogger.

Hothan is in his second year in journalism.

As managing editor, Hothan ensures the day-to-day assignments and responsibilities are met.

“To me, newspaper means the freedom of information and allowing that information to be easily accessible to everyone in the school,” he said.