Condiment Connoisseurs


The public must know what condiments the people at North Platte High School like the most. Thus, a poll of students and teachers at NPHS was created to reveal their favorite condiments, and the results probably won’t surprise you. 

Out of 194 people who responded to the survey and the ten condiments they could choose from, these are the top three most revered condiments at NPHS:

Coming in at third place, is the ever-popular barbecue sauce. With 19 votes, it would seem the staff and students here at NPHS love the wide variety of flavors barbecue sauce can contain. 

But wait! Also coming in third place with 19 votes is none other than hot sauce! A spicy and flavorful sauce that adds a nice kick to any food is equally beloved.

And now, in second place, beating hot sauce and barbecue sauce by a narrow margin; ketchup.

 This household staple condiment made of vinegar, sugar and tomatoes adds a unique flavor to any dish; it goes great with any Midwestern American cuisine like potato and beef foodstuffs.

Lastly, but certainly not least, the most popular condiment at NPHS. Winning first place by a huge margin, with 68 votes; more than 35% of all respondents voted for the midwesterners favorite condiment and beverage, ranch. 

A simple but pleasing combination of milk and mayonnaise, with a few herbs and spices tossed in the mix. So what do the people in this school love so much about ranch that more than a third of all respondents voted for it?

To answer this question two individuals were interviewed, both a student and a teacher at NPHS, about their love for ranch dressing.

Meara Roberts, a junior at NPHS, was eager to share her thoughts on the condiment. “Oh, it’s so good, it just goes with everything,” Roberts said. “Like pizza, meatloaf, fries, or like anything.” She went on to state “I love ranch.” So much in fact that she keeps a gallon on hand.

Ranch goes great with many things, but why else is ranch such a great condiment?

Philep Willey, the digital media teacher at NPHS also had some thoughts to share on ranch. “I like ranch, but I would hate to limit [my favorite condiment] to just one.” Willey said. Because “so many of the great sauces of our time started with a mix. As you know, Mayo is the basis of many, many sauces. Ranch is just mayo and spices and a little buttermilk if they do it right.”

Perhaps people’s love for ranch doesn’t just stop at ranch, but everything that came together to create such a wonderful condiment.

The question has been answered, ranch is the favorite condiment at NPHS. There are so many ways to love ranch, and so many things to enjoy about it. The condiment will forever hold a special place in the hearts and minds of the people at North Platte High School. After all, by the consensus of many; ranch, “it’s good.” Perhaps just being good is enough to be loved; maybe that doesn’t apply just to condiments, but to all of us too.