Cory Spotanski to take reigns as principal of North Platte High


Hunter Hothan, Design Editor

Cory Spotanski will be the new principal of North Platte High School, starting in the fall of 2022. 

Spotanski has been the principal at Elm Creek High school for five years, and with his background, will be an addition to the NPHS administration next school year. 

After Spotanski finished college at the University of North Texas, he taught in Houston, Texas, and shortly after, moved to Nebraska to teach science at Lexington High School. 

He worked in Lexington for nine years, before moving to Elm Creek.

Spotanski has experience from all over the state, but one of his favorite memories was a senior prank from the class of 2020.

 “The senior class threw toilet paper over his yard and as I said, you know, as all the seniors had signed the lid, “thanks for not making this year so crappy.” 

Even though there was toilet paper all over his yard, Spotanski enjoyed the prank.

“I think they were expecting me to be upset,” he said. “But that was such a great group of kids.”

Spotanski says he likes to have fun. “I like to enjoy humor, but I also like kids and adults doing things the right way.” 

Spotanski enjoys harmless pranks from time to time, however if the pranks come from ill-intent, he has to put his foot down. 

“As long as it has a heart that’s not meant to hurt,” he said.

Spotanski also talked about what he plans to do at NPHS. 

First, he wants to “learn and understand what makes North Platte unique and what makes North Platte culture what it is.”

After he learns more of what it means to be a student at NPHS.

Spotanski said, “It didn’t matter what it was, everyone had the same exact recognition and the same photos, you know, placed on the social media websites and all that stuff.”

Spotanski plans to recognize not just popular sports and activities, but all activities NPHS has to offer. 

“If we have kids doing things at a high level, everyone’s going to be recognized,” he said “[If] you’re winning awards, then there should be things done to recognize that.”