Something fishy at NPHS

Cooking class learns to filet fish


Hunter Hothan

Adam Reed teaches students to filet a Tilapia.

Hunter Hothan, Design Editor

On March 23, the Culinary Art 2 students in North Platte High School received an uncommon opportunity. 

Adam Reed, a teacher at NPHS, volunteered his time to teach students to properly filet a fish. 

The fish, a tilapia, was given to the class by Scott King, an NPHS  biology teacher. 

“It’s an opportunity some of these kids don’t get often,” said Patricia Saner, the culinary arts teacher. “Usually we have to buy pre-cut fish, so the students don’t get to learn how to properly prepare their food.” 

Learning how to filet the fish also taught students how to identify hazards in food.

“There are three types of hazards,” Saner said. “Chemical, biological and physical hazards.” 

The kind of hazard the students learned to identify was physical, as students learned to separate small bones from the meat of the fish.

The importance of learning things like this cannot go unnoticed, as it is an important life skill that many need to learn.