Fix your health

Arts and Entertainment editor Nathenial Crow tries healthy drinks.

Nathenial Crow, Arts & Entertainment Editor

There is a new health-food restaurant in town.  According to their Facebook page, The Fix on C & Dewey Streets offers healthy shakes, calorie burning and energy-boosting teas.


Mother-daughter duo Traci Hanes and Joslyn Pierce opened The Fix tea shop in January.  They modeled it after the nutrition club The Hub in McCook and plan to open more locations across Nebraska.


Pierce said the teas are for anyone, but they hope their drinks and coaching will impact people helping them eat and drink healthy. “I’ve helped my brother in law lose over 100 pounds,” she said.


The Fix refers to their business as a nutrition club. Pierce said they offer a health coach to help any customer who wants to build a weight loss or fitness program for themselves. I like the idea of having a nutrition club in North Platte.  A coach could help you stay motivated to lose weight.


They also have a 21-day challenge. “You drink the shakes for 21 days, get into an exercise routine of eating healthy, having snacks and drinking your water,” she said.


Pierce said the protein shakes can be substituted for a meal. “They’re a full meal– all your vitamins, minerals, nutrients, [and] full serving of your fruits and vegetables,” she said.


The NPHS Bulldogger purchased six of The Fix’s drinks.  We tried peanut butter cookie, mango-pineapple, beauty and the beast, four leaf clover, snickers and cherry lemonade. As a treat, these were not for me. I think the Snickers protein shake tastes like Flintsone’s vitamins crushed into a chocolate shake. I also tried the mango pineapple shake.  It was good. It reminded me of a tropical smoothie and would go great if you were on the beach in the summer.


At the time I tried the drinks, I didn’t realize they were for dieters. A couple of years ago, I tried to lose weight by skipping lunch. It was not the healthy way to do it; I felt drained and was pale all the time.  If the Fix would have been around then, the protein shake would have been a wiser and easier option. Knowing that, I think a person could get used to the taste, especially knowing that it’s good for you.


Pierce said their business is doing well, especially mid-week. “We’ve noticed a lot  [of students] on Wednesdays because they get out early,” she said.


Junior Ryleigh Lampe enjoys the Aquaman tea. She likes the small town vibe of the Fix and goes before school and after cheerleading practice. “I like them because they’re cheaper than Starbucks and I feel like they’re a healthier option,” she said.


The Fix offers regular sized teas and shakes for about $6.  However, you can add in beauty treatments, protein, energy and other supplements for an additional cost. I think price is competitive with other chain coffee shops. However, some combination drinks can be as much as $16. I think that’s a lot of money.  When you think about it replacing a meal though, it seems fair.


Here is my final verdict: I’m not going to be a regular at The Fix.  However, I still recommend that you give it a try.  If you want to lose weight, get into better shape, or just try something new then The Fix is worth at least one visit.  You could get fit and also help support local business.