Coloring Book

Art students produce coloring book for nursing homes.


Sophia Walsh

Pages of the coloring book laid out, ready to be combined.

Sophia Walsh, Editor in Chief

This year, Art teacher Joy Devoe’s Drawing I class worked together to create a coloring book for area nursing homes.
The collaborative effort by Devoe’s art class has been a project Devoe has done in past classes. This year she was given the opportunity to make the student’s work into care packages to be sent to senior citizens, after the Senior Center was shut down due to Covid.

I thought it turned out great, I hope the community gets a glimpse of the incredible talent and teamwork that goes on at NPHS

— Joy Devoe

Coloring sheets that had been sent in earlier packages had received positive feedback so Devoe thought it would be a great project to resume for her class as a way for them to give back to the community, while still gaining personal and team-building skills. “We haven’t done the project in a while but just by chance Cheryl Hall approached me about possibly doing some coloring pages for the Senior Center,” Devoe said. “The opportunity lined up perfectly with the beginning of my Drawing I class, so we took it on.”
The prompt for the class to work off of was North Platte/Nebraska. Many students took inspiration from Nebraskan wildlife, buildings and attractions found in North Platte, as well as objects like boots and trains. “There’s a lot of different styles because everyone has their own unique [way of] how to draw,” said junior Raylene Huerta
Senior Kaitlyn Hoatson hopes that anyone who receives a coloring book experiences a sense of nostalgia and happiness. Hoatson contributed to the book by drawing a series of turtles in remembrance of her grandma. “I drew turtles and a can because my grandma used to always talk about how they would sell little dime turtles for 10 cents on the side of the road,” Hoatson said, “I thought it was kind of nostalgic to just draw the little dime turtles because maybe other people have the same experience.”
Devoe was proud of how well her class worked together to create their final product. She also hopes she can work with a professional printing company in future years and sell the books as a fundraiser. “I thought it turned out great, I hope the community gets a glimpse of the incredible talent and teamwork that goes on at NPHS,” Devoe said.