Bomgaars: Rundown on North Platte’s new ranch supply store


Clay Stone

Sophomore Bulldogger writers Beckett Allen (left) and Joe Stone check out the minibikes at the new Bomgaars in North Platte. “The mini-bikes were probably the coolest thing I’ve ever been on,” said Stone. The grand opening was on October 30.

Whether it’s a wagon full of meat, a brand new cowboy hat, or even a selection of mini bikes, we think you will find something new in Bomgaars every time you walk in. Bomgaars is the new farm and ranch supply store in North Platte that is located off East Phillip in place of the old Shopko. Half of the store is furnished with large, hand-made wooden tresses; the other half jam-packed with jeans. The store gives the appearance of a handyman’s haven.

It would be a full on lie to say that we were not surprised by the selection. Bomgaars carries enough antifreeze to thaw every remaining glacier. It looks like they have virtually every tool a DIY homeowner could ask for. The new store also has an impressive candy selection; it’s comparable to that of Fort Cody Trading Post. There are some candies there that we haven’t seen anywhere else around town, such as Beemans gum. 

Clay Stone
Bulldogger Sports Editor Beckett Allen poses by the meat cart at the front of Bomgaars. The store carries an extensive array of jerky.

The staff at Bomgaars was very friendly and the store was clearly ordered and organized. The tools were all along the east wall and the jeans were all along the west wall. We knew where we were going and the staff knew what they were doing.

Overall, walking around Bomgaars was definitely not a waste of time. We had a great time strolling through the rows and checking the place out. This is really a store for farmers, builders, and outdoor enthusiasts, so if that’s not you then we doubt you will be a regular customer. But we would recommend giving it a chance anyway, you might be surprised.