Your wish is our command

NPHS student council raises money for the Make-a-Wish charity

Angelina Sanchez
NPHS Student Council presents the donation check of 10,000 dollars to the Make-A-Wish foudnation.

North Platte High School Student Council and the North Platte community are making wishes come true. NPHS Student Council has made the biggest donation to Make-A-Wish in the state of Nebraska for six years in a row. This year, a donation of $10,000 was made to the Make-A-Wish foundation and a trip to Disney World was granted. 

Make-A-Wish pairs with the Nebraska Association of Student Councils for a state project. “Make-A-Wish is a foundation that was set up to help kids who are suffering from a critical illness have a little chance at gaining some hope by making a wish,” said NPHS student council sponsor Ashley Werkmeister.

A breakdown on the amounts of money raised by student council to make the 10,000 dollar donation to Make-A-Wish.

The community partners with NPHS student council to raise money for the donation. “We put on various events around town like our run, our golf tournament, and then just little stuff like the tailgate and miracle minutes,” said student council president Maggie Lashley.

Lashley told us that wishes that are granted can be anything from a trip, a dog, or meeting somebody famous. “It’s just nice to know that your raising money for someone out there who is in need and needs this wish,” she said.  

“It’s just nice to know that your raising money for someone out there who is in need and needs this wish.”

— Maggie Lashley

Werkmeister and the student council set a goal, but ended up doubling it. “When we said we wanted to raise $5,000 this year and then we surpassed that and [we] said $10,000 I knew we could do it,” said Werkmeister. 

The buy in of the student council with the project makes Werkmeister proud. “It makes me extremely emotional,” she said. “There are just no real words to put into how you feel because it’s just so good.”

Lashley said, “It just made my heart so full that us in a small community could make a difference.”