Serving up a storm

A varsity tennis player and his dedication to his sport


Anam Vaziri

Senior Avery Munson hitting a return at the McCook dual on September 18th.

For senior Avery Munson, tennis is not just a sport; it’s a lifestyle. Since the age of 9, Munson has been taking tennis lessons two to three times a week, participating in tournaments around the state, going to camps all around the Midwest, and never failing to put in everything he’s got. Flash forward to his senior year, Munson is a four-year varsity tennis player and has competed at state every year.

In the last four years, Munson finds his best tennis experience to be just last Monday at the Monarch Invite in Omaha. “I beat all these really good people and hung in there with some amazing competition,” he said, “it was the best tennis I’ve ever played.”

A close second in terms of favorite matches was at state his freshman year. “I played my heart out and ended up pulling out a win at state in my first match,” said Munson.
However, when you have commitment, you also have downsides. “There were times when I was ready to just pack up my things and just quit tennis because it’s gotten so frustrating,” said Munson, “but I play to see the commitment, and the progress that I’ve made.”

Munson’s goal for the rest of the year is to compete to the best of his ability and to show everyone he’s a contender at state. “[My goal is to] make it to the second day at state, and hopefully make it into the top four,” he said.
In the future, Munson is considering becoming a tennis coach to influence younger kids. “[I want to] watch them fall in love with the sport, and then hopefully, I get to play tennis for the rest of my life,” he said.

Anam Vaziri
“My favorite thing about tennis is hanging out with my friends and playing a sport that is really fun.”
Anam Vaziri
“Every point counts.”
Anam Vaziri
“The best part has been having a fun hobby and a sport that I can play for the rest of my life.”
Anam Vaziri
“My goal is to keep improving, have fun with it, try my best, and never let up.”

Munson said that he’s never felt more at place then when he’s on a tennis court. He said, “I’ve always loved baseball and running, but when I found tennis, I found a home.”