Stuco is strategizing for next year


In the 2017-2018 year, senior Jamon Davis was our student council president and civics teacher Kirk Livingston was the advisor. This year, English teacher Ashley Werkmeister is the new student council advisor and junior Jenna Hoover is the new president, and they have a few changes in mind.

This year, they have set up specific goals to reach as the year goes on. “Our main goal is to bring back what student council actually is.” Jenna Hoover says. Hoover feels that the last few years, student council has acted more as a fundraising committee. While she wants to change this slightly, student council has been the top fundraiser in the state for Make-a-wish for the last four years, and she hopes to blow that out of the water this coming year.

Their main goal is to give more opportunities for the student body to give their opinion on matters being decided on by student council. Werkmeister mentioned plans to maybe incorporate a QR code for kids to use to vote. “We want to give them[students] a voice to bring back what student council is.” Werkmeister says.

As far as new leadership in student council, Werkmeister looks forward to the coming year. “I’m so excited to work with this group of students. I’m so excited to see the impact we can have on our community.” Werkmeister says.

Hoover is just as excited. “Ever since seventh grade, when I first made student council, I knew I wanted to be student council president.”
Others who will be in charge this coming year include Vice President Riley Smith, Treasurer Karsyn Buttler, and Secretary Katy Greene.

Werkmeister wanted to say one thing in particular. “I want to thank Livingston in guiding me and working with me. I just want to live up to his expectation of me as student council advisor.” Werkmeister says. This is how Livingston responds.

“I am excited that she has taken on the advisor role. Gosh, I think she’s going to be great. She’s young, excited to do it, and she’s got lots of energy and great ideas. That, and she’s got one outstanding council.” Livingston says. Most seem to think that we’re in for a great year.