Leaving on Hiatt-us


Teacher, Coach, Leader, Friend. No matter where you are in North Platte, you’ve associate one of these titles with Josh Hiatt.
Ever since Hiatt was a kid he has lived, worked, and breathed NP, he also has taught more than a few lessons. From his desk in the 2300 pod, to his drills in both football and soccer, to his FCA talks on Wednesday night, Hiatt continually spends time helping North Platte High School students in any way that he can.
“Josh is such an awesome guy, he always is, he always has been selfless, which is such a great trait for both a teacher and a coach,” said teacher Curt Softley.
This school year, Hiatt received some pretty important news! Gering had offered him a head coaching football job. “He’s going to be an excellent head coach, I know that’s what his goal has been and we support him 1000% in that,” said coach Danny Whitney. Hiatt is super grateful to be getting this opportunity, as well, “I’m really looking to go in to Gering and try it my way, and just see what God has in store for the team,” said Hiatt.
But just because this is what Hiatt wants to be doing definitely doesn’t mean he will not be missed. “I feel really sad that he’s leaving, because he really helped me to become a better player in both soccer and football, but I am really happy that he’s getting this opportunity,” says Junior Max Hayes. Junior Delano Hernandez said, “He’s just a really great guy. He brings a lot of positivity and he can really pick people up when they are down. We’re definitely going to miss him and I wish the best of luck to him in his new season.” If you know Mr. Hiatt or Coach Hiatt, and you’re going to miss him, go tell him. Or go tell any coach that you have that you respect them, because you never know when they too might get a great opportunity like this.