What do you value?


A chart illustrating what NPHS students value

During the holiday season, people more often consider what they are grateful for. When asked what they value most in their lives, many students gave the generic answer you’d expect. That being “my friends and family.” Others, like senior Packer Daily, gave assorted answers such as “knowledge.” Junior Kali Griesfeller feels that she values happiness the most.

It would seem that our school’s heart is in the right place, since the majority of those asked value their friends and/or family above all else. Pets, religion, food, and sleep were among what is valued, listed as “other.”



Others, like math teacher David Cooper, gave more thought to his answer than most. After days of consideration, he simply said “I try not to [value things].”

Our dogs, our friends, and happiness itself, NPHS didn’t have any trouble recalling what we value. Everyone that was asked felt that they had a lot to be grateful for; a lot to value. Some had trouble choosing just one thing.

Considering what you value can really make you realize how lucky you are in life. It’s important to value what you have, knowing how little some others have. So what do you value?