A dress for everyone

Junior Brianna Callendar, practices for the catwalk at Crowns and Gowns.

Junior Brianna Callendar, practices for the catwalk at Crowns and Gowns.

Prom is just around the block for North Platte High School students. Girls all over town need to find that perfect dress for the perfect date. Girls from NPHS have come to look forward to this yearly show.

Junior Brianna Callendar will be walking the show Saturday night, and she will become the first plus-sized model. “I won the Enchant modeling through Hirschfeld’s. At first I was nervous because I’ve never done anything like this,” said Callendar. “Now I’m really excited to experience this [because] not a lot of people know the struggle of finding dresses for plus-sized girls.” This year, all the ticket sale proceeds will benefit the Miss Nebraska and Outstanding Teen organizations, along with the Children’s Miracle Network. Great Plains Health will also sponsor the event to promote women’s health the entire weekend. “It’s the first time Hirschfeld’s has ever had a plus-sized model,” Callendar said. “[I like] knowing that I can be a voice for plus size girls and show that you’re beautiful, and can find your perfect prom dress no matter your size.” Senior Crowns and Gowns ambassador Ashley Sweet said, “[Brianna] is one of the most beautiful and upbeat people I know. She was an Enchant magazine model for Hirschfelds, and the photos she’s in are radiant.” It is important to know that girls should feel comfortable with their size. “I think it’s awesome, and [it] goes to show that all girls can find a dress that makes them feel good at Hirschfeld’s,” said senior ambassador Morgan Libsack.

Sweet, along with other girls, will be helping with the dresses backstage for the show. The show also involves ambassadors who are selected from across the state to promote Crowns and Gowns. “[The show] is a fun mix of prom world and [the] pageant world,” said Libsack. The event will take place this weekend and it will be the most important weekend for the ambassadors. “They don’t really know how hectic this show is. If one girl messes up, then the entire show is messed up,” said Libsack. “I love helping out with the fashion show. I did it last year and it was so much fun,” said senior ambassador Jordan Sligar.

This weekend will help hundreds of girls find their prom dresses. With trunk shows, Miss Nebraska, and the catwalk, it will be the weekend to get on top of everything. “Everyone should try to get involved, because you get to meet different girls from across the state,” Sweet said.