Happy single-awareness day

10 Tips for having a great Valentine’s Day… all on your own!

Happy single-awareness day

Six-foot teddy bears, cupid’s arrow, fancy cards, roses, heart-shaped boxes of overpriced chocolate, sickly sweet conversation hearts, store aisles crowded with red, pink, and white decorations; we all know the drill. Every year, right after Christmas, stores jump on the commercial Valentine’s Day bandwagon. At first, we don’t pay much attention, but once February rolls around we find ourselves being roped into the lovesick chaos.

Suddenly, everyone is talking about who is whose Valentine this year, planning special nights with their significant other, or spending more money than they have on anonymous gifts or cards for their crush. February 14th is Valentine’s Day; a fateful day known to many as “Single-Awareness Day.”

This term implies that the 14th of February for singles is a day to wallow in the loneliness and misery of not having a Valentine. We picture the stereotypical scene of girls huddled in blankets in front of the TV, watching the Notebook and crying into a carton of ice cream. As for single guys, we might imagine them spending the day playing video games, hanging at the gym, doing whatever they do to deny the holiday all together. There is nothing shameful or sad about being single, but seeing couples and crushes making googly eyes at each other all day while you’re alone is enough make anyone feel a little uneasy.

For some people, making plans for being single on Valentine’s Day seems petty and pointless. After all, what makes Valentine’s Day different than any other day, besides the fact that it’s overly-commercialized? Some people couldn’t care less about the holiday, or the fact that they’re single. They choose to just go about their everyday lives and treat the day as they would any other day. And that’s great!

However, if you’re picturing yourself in a lonely and pathetic scenario or experiencing any uneasiness about being single on Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone! Take this time to allow those thoughts to leave your mind. You don’t need anyone to tell you you’re special when you can remind yourself all on your own.

You may be asking, “How am I supposed to enjoy my day and focus on myself when all I can focus on is the ruckus going on around me?” There are plenty of fantastic options for those who will spend Valentine’s Day alone this year and want something fun to do. These activities will not only be incredibly entertaining for you, but also will help you feel confident in yourself, and avoid the distraction of other people’s relationships. With these ideas, you are sure to have the happiest “Single-Awareness Day” of your life!


Single on Valentine’s Day?

  • Host an anti-Valentine’s Day party with lots of good food, dancing, and friends
  • Leave town on an adventure
  • Watch a funny movie/show or go to a comedy show (laughter is the best medicine)
  • Stay inside with good movies, books, or video games and all of your favorite snacks and drinks
  • Give some love to your favorite charity
  • Go out to a fancy dinner with your friends
  • Fall in love with something new (music, hobby, new pet, etc.)
  • Challenge yourself to do something you’ve been wanting to do
  • Shoot candy hearts at trees with a sling shot… just for fun
  • Shred your calendar (figuratively). February 14th is just another day to be alive and be awesome!