Passion for pencils

We frequently pass by the pieces of art decorating the white hallway walls. We take moments to admire the detail and the way the pieces make us feel. But what do we know about the minds and hands behind these creations? What inspires the emotion and creative thought needed to produce an excellent piece? For senior Savannah Larsen, the joy of art lies in the anticipation and freedom of creating. “I feel excited to see how my work will turn out, and happy knowing I can make my pieces however I want,” she said.

Art opens the door to self-expression, which is another factor of Larsen’s love for the subject. “I love art because it’s so personal. You can tell a lot about people’s personalities and emotions through their artwork, and no one’s work is the same,” Larsen said.

Art has been a big part of Larsen’s life since she was very young. A passion that began with crafts has evolved as Larsen grew into new forms of art, such as painting. “I’ve always enjoyed being creative and making things,” Larsen said.

With creativity always flowing, Larsen’s favorite style of art changes regularly. “As of right now, I really love colored pencil. I enjoy the variations of color, shading, detail, and all the cool and unique designs you can make,” she said. The piece that Larsen is most proud of is a colored pencil drawing titled “Sunrise”.

It’s that same piece that has Larsen in the running for a Nebraska Wesleyan University art scholarship. “I entered the maximum of five pieces and two were accepted to be displayed. The two pieces selected were “Sunrise” and a set of clay miniatures I made a while ago,” she said. Larsen’s pieces will be on professional display at NWU in December and she will be in the running to win an art scholarship. Two selected students will be granted a scholarship of $2,500 per year and a number of other selected participants will receive a $1,000 yearly scholarship. “To me, having my pieces selec

ted to be displayed is an accomplishment in itself, even if I don’t win a scholarship,” said Larsen.

Larsen’s undying passion for art is an outlet of creativity and self-expression. “Art brings out emotions in people that they don’t usually experience,” she said. When considering her future in art, she said she is very excited to see where it could lead her career-wise. Larsen has the strong belief that regardless of whether she does art professionally or as a hobby, it will always be a significant part of her life and personality. “My ultimate dream is to create art that I am proud of and that others will be inspired by and be able to relate to as well,” she said.