Turned to cash

Seniors William Stone and Kort Steele are getting paid to go to school. Both students are now gainfully employed, thanks to the new internship program.

They started their internship the usual way by working for free in exchange for experience. Within weeks, they were both hired on professionally. Stone now works as a sport reporter for The North Platte Telegraph, and Steele is doing design work at Pro Printing and Graphics.

Stone says he’s doing exactly what he wants to do with his life. “It couldn’t get any better, I get to write about games and get paid,” Stone said. Internships are more valuable with work experience said managing editor Joan von Kampen. “Reporting is such a hands-on job that Will has to get some first hand experience,” she said.

Steele thinks that it is awesome how the internship turned into a job. “It is helpful how it is a hands-on experience for the future,” he said. Pro Printing was happy with his work. “He was the employee we were looking for,” owner Judy Pederson said.
Being hired is atypical. However, according to the National Association of Colleges more than half of students completing an internship received at least one job offer afterwards, compared to less than 37 percent of students with no internship or experience.

Business teacher Samantha Pavelka organizes the trial program. In order to qualify, students have to complete two courses in a career field with a C or better. They also have to have good attendance and behavior records. “We are allowing Kort and Will to do this, and then have some kind of say in what went well and what didn’t in the end,” Pavelka said. In the fall, the program will be opened up to all interested and eligible students.