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Protest outside of McKinley Education Center

Protest outside of McKinley Education Center

A protest over mask requirements occurred on August 25.
Jonathan Dekleva, Editor-In-Chief October 18, 2021

A protest emerged Wednesday outside of the McKinley Education Center. "Our main goal is that masks should be optional at North Platte Public Schools," said David Orr. "Parental choice is important." Orr...

This weeks COVID-19 risk dial. The dial was updated by the West Central Health Department on March 19.

COVID-19: A year in review

Sophia Walsh, Editor in Chief March 26, 2021

Mar. 12 marked the one year anniversary since North Platte High School closed its doors to students and faculty after the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic reached North Platte. The abrupt ending...

Medical club president Ellie Fisher helps demonstrates a wrist cast.

Medical Club

NPHS medical club students gather to practice techniques with podiatrist Joshua Wray.
Tony Booth, Staff Writer February 26, 2021

Picture a hacksaw cutting through a bone. That’s what drew dozens of NPHS students to this month’s medical club.  The students weren’t actually sawing a bone like in a horror movie; they were using...

The pep band plays at a pep rally. Students have recently been let back into sporting events, so the band has as well.

The band’s back in the stands

UPDATE: The North Platte High School Pep Band has also returned to basketball games
Jonathan Dekleva, Editor-In-Chief February 26, 2021

With basketball games opening up and allowing students to attend, this also means that the school's pep band is back to cheer on the teams. Senior Jack Bunger has been a member of the NPHS Band all...

Jason Drake getting the Covid-19 vaccination from a nurse at North Plattes High School.

The Vaccine for ’19

Teachers of North Platte Public Schools receive the COVID-19 vaccination
Natalie Deardoff, Sports Editor February 1, 2021

North Platte Public Schools said it is one step closer to ending the relentless COVID-19 pandemic after over 300 staff members received their first vaccination. West Central Health District held...

Senior Ethan Mercer uses a school-issued Chromebook, similar to that of the one he used while quarantining at home.

A prolonged vacation

One student's experience with COVID
Beckett Allen, Staff Writer November 20, 2020

Balancing school, a social life, and the notorious COVID-19 virus is a struggle that high school students outside of 2020 haven’t really dealt with before. One of the unlucky pioneers of this was senior...

As of October 29, there are close to 600 active COVID-19 cases in the West Central District Health Department service area.

Red no longer means remote

North Platte Public Schools may not go to remote learning if the community COVID risk dial reaches red.
Sophia Walsh, Editor in Chief October 30, 2020

The North Platte Public Schools' (NPPS) Return to School Plan no longer indicates that the school district will shift to remote learning if the West Central Health District’s Community Risk Dial moves...

North Platte Bulldogger staff poses for a picture on the first day while wearing masks.

Orange or yellow, masks shouldn’t be optional.

The Bulldogger staff's opinion on masks.
Beckett Allen, Staff Writer September 10, 2020

While wearing masks may be a controversy among society, it was a general consensus for the Bulldogger staff. They’re super uncomfortable, hot, and itchy; however they are very much necessary. The...

Mask Review

Mask Review

Nathenial Crow's review of COVID-19 masks.
Nathenial Crow, Arts & Entertainment Editor September 3, 2020

This year a pandemic has caused a lot of problems. COVID-19 has made it very difficult for all of us. From canceling school, to masks that everyone has to wear. I have decided to review the best mask for...

Senior Mia Dugan writes life lessons to her younger self.

Dear Mini-Mia

Lessons for the little girl I once was
Mia Dugan, Staff Writer April 8, 2020

When I was younger, 2020 seemed like an imaginary year. So far away that the present could never reach. My 7-year-old self, playing with Barbies in her pink and purple room, pictured this 18-year-old to...

Stolen senior year: how COVID-19 wiped out rites of passage.

Stolen senior year

Covid-19 pandemic wipes out rites of passage
Priscila Mondragõn, Managing Editor March 20, 2020

The class of 2020 has been waiting 13 years to walk across the graduation stage. Yet, the COVID-19 virus threatens to steal that moment from seniors worldwide.  Last night, North Platte Public Schools...

A story encapsulating all the need-to-know information to keep you informed on this worldwide issue.

What is Covid-19?

Emmalynn Berry, Staff Writer March 19, 2020

Lincoln County joined the world Wednesday when the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed.  This information comes amid massive social distancing shut-downs around the world and in North Platte, Neb.  Covid-19...

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