The Vaccine for ’19

Teachers of North Platte Public Schools receive the COVID-19 vaccination


Sophia Walsh

Jason Drake getting the Covid-19 vaccination from a nurse at North Platte’s High School.

Natalie Deardoff, Sports Editor

North Platte Public Schools said it is one step closer to ending the relentless COVID-19 pandemic after

A nurse preparing her syringe for the next patient. (Sophia Walsh)

over 300 staff members received their first vaccination. West Central Health District held a shot clinic for any school employee who wanted to receive the Moderna mRNA vaccine on Jan. 15 at NPHS. 

English teacher Sarah Snively said getting the shot was the right choice for her. “I trust that it’s going to help, and that it can give some protection in this crazy world,” she said.

Choir teacher Leah Purdy received the vaccination to help protect her vulnerable family members. “My dad has cancer, so my family hasn’t all been together since last January,” Purdy said.

Business teacher Adam Reed stated that he was around too many people to simply not receive the vaccination. “If my vaccination prevents me from spreading COVID-19 to even one student, then it also prevents me from spreading it to their immunocompromised family member, their grandparents, or anyone special to

Sarah Kaminski giving a thumbs up after getting her shot. (Sophia Walsh)

them,” he said. “It is the responsible thing to do.”

Acting teacher Brittany McDaniel said she struggled with the decision to get the vaccination. “I struggled a lot but finally decided that the immediate positive effects of getting it now were more important to me than the possible negative long term effects,” she said. “I wanted to do what I can to help my students get back to their lives.”

Most of the teachers reported that side effects from the vaccination lasted only a day or two and felt better by Sunday. “Aside from an incredibly sore arm, I had body aches, chills and a low-grade fever all day on Saturday,” Librarian Sky Seery said. “All of that was gone by Sunday; I felt great.”

Nurses working hard to distribute the vaccination. (Sophia Walsh)

The staff will receive the next round of Covid shots on February 12. School will be out that day to allow plenty of time for vaccinations. Executive Health Director Shannon Vanderheiden said they ended the pandemic year with a light at the end of the tunnel. “There was such relief at the end of the year because we finally had vaccines, and we finally were putting vaccines in arms,” she said.