Red no longer means remote

North Platte Public Schools may not go to remote learning if the community COVID risk dial reaches red.


West Central District Health Department

As of October 29, there are close to 600 active COVID-19 cases in the West Central District Health Department service area.

Sophia Walsh, Editor in Chief

The North Platte Public Schools’ (NPPS) Return to School Plan no longer indicates that the school district will shift to remote learning if the West Central Health District’s Community Risk Dial moves to the red/severe zone. 

Superintendent Ron Hanson updated the protocol on Oct. 28. to align more with what federal, state, and local health officials know about the virus. “After completing 10 weeks of schools and the fall activities season, we now know more about the effectiveness of face coverings, social distancing, and other safety protocols that have been successfully implemented in our schools,” he said.

West Central District Health Department

NPPS plans to keep working with the West Central Health District and the Nebraska Department of Education to implement plans and protocols that address concerns within North Platte schools.

NPPS will continue their efforts to control and reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

According to a press release by the district, so far, NPPS has seen no evidence of school spread, even though the community and state have had an increase in hospitalizations, deaths, and positive cases. They said the schools have kept the quarantine and positive rate low. 

Changes to the pandemic plans and playbooks will be launched Oct.30.