From scout to soldier

North Platte High School senior plans on enlisting in the U.S. Army


Anam Vaziri

Senior Carsten Brady lifting in the weights room. To prepare for the military, Brady is trying to build up his strength and endurance. "I want to do more workouts that are required to be able to keep going and not give up," he said.

In first grade, senior Carsten Brady joined Cub Scouts, and over a decade later, is planning on enlisting in the United States Army. “I want to hopefully get into airborne school and get the MOS, Military Occupation Specialty, of 19 Delta Cavalry scout,” he said.
A cavalry scout is a combat position, and is one of the more dangerous MOS’s. “I wanted to do an MOS that portrayed to being out in the field where the action happens,” he said.
Brady knows the risks of joining the Army, but he’s prepared. “It’s just part of the job and you know what you’re signing up for,” he said. “It’s just the stuff like being away from your family that makes it difficult.”

Sophia Walsh
Brady starting to put weights on the bar. He is building up his training progressively. “It’ll be a lot of training and mentally preparing,” he said.

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The military is looking for someone who puts the team above themselves and contributes to something bigger.”

— Carsten Brady

Sophia Walsh
Senior Carsten Brady does a push up in the wrestling room to give an example of how he prepares for the army. Photo by Sophia Walsh.

The senior believes that the sacrifice is worth it. “I was never scared because of all the good that comes from it,” he said. “The military is looking for someone who puts the team above themselves and contributes to something bigger.”

Anam Vaziri
Brady running on the treadmill to build up his stamina. He has started training now, but intends to use the summer to heavily prepare for basic training. “I want to go to basic in August or September so I have the summer to enjoy,” he said.

Brady began considering the military as a serious option in the eighth grade. “I was inspired by both my dad being in the military and the patriotic feeling I have of wanting to give back and serve my country.”
His father started out in the U.S. Army and now serves in the Army National Guard and better understands what Brady wants to do. He’s trying to coordinate going to MEPS with his dad’s schedule. “My dad’s in the guard so he could swear me in,” he said. His mother has more reservations. “My mom is on the worried-side because of what she had to go through with my dad being deployed, but they’re both excited for me,” he said.

Carsten Brady
Brady in his Eagle Scout uniform with his 36 merit badges. After he joins the military, they will automatically move him up one rank.

Brady was inspired to join the army because of his experience as an Eagle Scout. He has 36 merit badges, 15 more than is required to be an Eagle Scout. “You get a lot of experience that crosses directly over to the military,” he said, “A lot is similar with the way they handle things, and the respect and skills they use.”

To prepare, Brady has been doing more cardio exercise and trying to build up his endurance. “I’m trying to build the strength that I will need to not give up and keep going,” he said.
In addition to physically preparing, he is also mentally preparing. “I think about the military and what’s going to be going through my mind and how I need to be committed and give it all I can,” he said.
Brady feels like he is ready to face the challenge. He plans to train more this summer and do basic training in August or September. “This is going to be my life for at least the next three years, and there’s going to be sacrifices, but in the bigger picture, it’s going to be something I’ll never forget.”