Talent to spare

NPHS Unified Bowling recap

Hunter Hothan, Design Editor

Unified Bowling made it to districts this year, after numerous battles against South Platte, Ogallala and McCook.

The season was considered a huge success by senior Uriel Wiezorek. He attributed the success to how involved people were becoming.

“People are talking to their friends about it and getting more people involved, which I think is really awesome. So it’s grown quite a bit.” Wiezorek said.

Bowling is an important activity to him, as it has run in his family for generations, which is the reason he joined.

“My grandpa, my uncle are pretty good bowlers,” Wiezorek said. “They competed professionally a couple of times. And I just felt like I’ve always been inspired by them. And so that’s why I’ve joined but also I really love to serve and help other people.”

Wiezorek discovered his love for public service through Unified Bowling.

“I feel like my heart is into helping people with special needs. So that’s why I do it,” he said “I think that people with special needs are the most funny, intelligent and genuine people you can meet. And so I just love hanging out with them.”

Currently, there are nine kids in Special Education who participate in Unified Bowling.

“I think when we’re all just gathered there, bowling together and having fun. I think there’s nothing like it,” Wiezorek said.

Wiezorek, who has received a scholarship offer for bowling, said that the team has grown in skill since he joined.

“I feel like the whole team has done that, as well. So like when we’re all practicing there, and you just do it you get better regardless,” he said. “So I think we are getting better as a team.