Teacher of the Month: Danny Whitney

Daniel Manning, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Danny Whitney, one of the sophomore history teachers at North Platte High School, was selected as teacher of the month for January 2023.

Why do you think you got teacher of the month?

“I think that either I have successfully developed positive relationships with students… or they finally reached the end of the alphabet.”

How do you feel knowing that you were selected as teacher of the month?

“It’s pretty embarrassing and awkward. But everyone likes to be acknowledged, so I’m grateful for that.”

What is your favorite pasta?

“Have you ever had Gnocchi? If that’s pasta, it’s pretty good.”

He has (is going to have) these dogs.

“I have a mini Aussiedoodle named Banks, and someday I’m going to have a Golden Retriever named Lou.”

This is what he would do if he was suddenly no longer a teacher.

“So far teaching has worked out. But if it doesn’t I would like to own a pizza shop, or an alpaca farm, or be a golf caddy.”