More to the role of administrator

Head Principal Cory Spotanski


Gaby Cardenas

NPHS head principal Cory Spotanski talks to students in a classroom earlier this year.

RaeLynn McKinzie, Staff Writer

 There is more behind the admin face. 

North Platte High School head principal Cory Spotanski has some interesting stories behind his front. 

Spotanski just started at NPHS this year and has seemed to enjoy it this far. 

“This was a really cool opportunity to grow as a professional and an individual,” Spotanski said. 

Spotanski had big dreams like everyone else. 

“If I could have been a major league baseball player, I think that would’ve been the goal,” Spotanski said. 

He started in college for teaching and had a passion for it. 

“I started as a teaching major and finished that way too,” Spotanksi said. 

He had input from his family in his decision on what to major in. 

“I had an aunt that was an educater that really influenced me a lot,” Spotanski said. 

Spotanski went to his family and still does go to his family when he needs support. 

“I found a lot of support in my family, when you have kids you want to make you a good role model, as well,” Spotanski said. 

Spotanksi’s family is blended. 

“My wife Michelle and I have been married for about 14 years now,” Spotanski said, “We have a blended family, we have a child from each of our first marriages and one together.” 

Spotanski started to work with children at a young age. 

“My buddy and I started working on summer recreation. We were both softball and baseball coaches at 15,” Spotanksi said. 

Spotanski has his very own bulldog at home. 

“I have two dogs, Jazzy and I also have Dre who is our English bulldog,” Spotanksi said. 

Spotanksi has been teaching for a little bit and found his place at NPHS 

“The high school age kiddo is exactly where I find a niche,” Spotanksi said. 

Spotanksi enjoys classes in the school and the staff and student body. 

“Meeting people is probably the thing and just supporting them, helping them, guiding them is probably the most enjoyable part of the job,” Spotanksi said. 

Spotanksi also enjoys all of the classes that the high school offers. 

“I’ve never been in a school that has an orchestra and so when I walk by the orchestra room I love to hear the strings going,” Spotanski said. 

Spotanski does have a favorite teacher in the school. 

“Mr. King is I think everyone’s because of the white sign outside of the building,” Spotanski said. 

Spotanski relocated to North Platte so he has had the chance to learn about the community and how it is growing. 

“NorthPlatte is such a dynamic community that’s growing,” Spotanksi said, “and is a thriving vibrant community.” 

Some of Spotanski’s hobbies are fishing and spending time with his family and friends. 

“I really enjoy fishing, I don’t do a lot of it anymore but man I love fishing,” Spotanski said.