NPHS StuCo meets goal for food drive


Madison Stewart

Student Council members from left, Sam Stefka, Kacey Munson and Tuesday Allen organize cans brought in during the food drive in November.

Madison Stewart, Staff Writer

Student Council members sort through donated items collected during the food drive. (Madison Stewart)

 North Platte High School Student Council hosted a canned food drive from Oct. 31 to Nov. 11. 

This was a competition between the grades for a reward of getting the administrators assigned to their grade to kiss a pig. 

“It is a competition to try and generate products,” Senior Student Council President Makenna Snider said. 

All the food gets distributed to four food pantries. This year had a total of 5,488 items brought in. 

“This year we are pushing for more food donations because we are giving to one more food pantry this year, the high schools’, making four,” Senior Student Council Secretary Grady Sexson said. “We are expecting to receive many more food donations that can give these food pantries a big impact.” 

The senior class contributed the most with a total of 26,304 points. 

Juniors came in second place with a total of 20,406 points. 

Sophomores came in third place with a total of 16,204 points. 

Freshman came in last place with a total of 12,759 points. “It is amazing helping the community in such a huge, impactful way,” Junior Student Council Historian Gracie Persinger said. 

All grades had achieved their point goal. Seniors had a goal of 25,000 points. 

Juniors had a goal of 20,000 points. 

Sophomores had a goal of 15,000 points and freshmen had a goal of 10,000 points. 

“It is a wonderful feeling, but it also is great knowing that there is a whole school wanting to back our community.” Senior Student Council Vice President Kalee Brosius said.