Avocados in North Platte?

The Great Avocado Crisis v. the Avocado Launching National Championships


Photo courtesy of the National Avocado Launching Championship/VisitNorthPlatte

NPHS students El Gaedke, Avery Bergeron and Jada Stanford dressed up to help promote the National Avocado Launching Championship.

Natalie Deardoff, Sports Editor

In the midst of a worldwide avocado crisis due to climate change and war, a group of individuals held a National Championship avocado-launching contest. A small group of three proved to be the best of the best when they beat out 30 other Nebraska-native teams for the title.

The winning team- EPI-cally Allergic- got its name from the simple fact that one of their team members is indeed allergic to avocados. Avocado allergy holder Jon Keck is the mastermind behind the brilliant launching device that won EPI-cally Allergic their trophy and $5,000 prize. 

With the assistance from his teammates, Ricki Reason and Justin Cosler, they secured the win from their biggest competition, the Holiday Express Inn team from Chadron.

Despite the minor breakdown during the first round of the tournament, EPI-cally Allergic came back from behind and beat out the rest of the competition. 

Since the war in Ukraine, fertilizer has become more expensive, resulting in sadder and sicker productions of avocados. 

Three NPHS students volunteered to wear avocado costumes for the event: El Gaedke, Avery Bergeron and Jada Stanford.

Mrs. Purdy got an email asking for students and the email explained a little what the event was all about,” Bergeron said.

“It was so fun,” she added. “It was a little cold and we were worried at first, but as soon as we turned on the costumes we were laughing and having a good time.”