Extra-curricular support a priority for new AD

Sawyer Davis-Magnuson, Editor-In-Chief

The value of extracurricular activities at North Platte High School will change during the 2022-2023 school year.

From administration to students, school pride and support used to be almost entirely sports-oriented. With the new administration, respect will be evident towards more than just the athletic program. 

The list of non-athletic extracurricular activities includes Speech, One-Act, Musical, Spring/Fall Play, GSA, Art Club, Journalism, D&D, eSports, FFA, SkillsUSA, Blue and Gold Singers, Choir, Concert Band, Marching Band, Orchestra, Color Guard, Student Council, Poetry Club, National Honor Society, Key Club, Chess Club, Weight Club, Medical Club, and Letter Club.

At many extracurriculars, you will not find large student-body support or funding. For instance, activities such as the fall play production are completely self-funded.

“I think it’s a lack of understanding. When we do get athletes that come and participate in theater, then they realize, ‘Oh my goodness, you guys do so much work,” Play Production director Brittany McDaniel said. 

The value of activities has been made clear by administration and a student advisory board is currently forming to ensure equal representation. 

A wave of support will be evident with a new activities director Jimmie Rhodes; his goal is to make all activities equally respected. 

“Hopefully, going forward, we can build respect within the school, that they understand how we are doing through our season. They are supporting us fully when we go to districts and state,” Speech Coach Scott King said. 

Previously, all funds for speech were obtained by fundraising. Now the team will have its operations paid for by the district  on account of it being a NSAA activity. 

“In my eyes, they all have equal respect,” Rhodes said. “Promotion and promoting success in all of our activities and clubs, is how I think we get that out to everybody.”